Saturday, May 19, 2012

Going Cruisin!

First getting on the boat! had to go check some things out! The back of the boat was my favorite!

This was the crew! I was glad to go with them I made some new good friends

Cute Pig:)

Of course had to get a photo eating! (Since that is all u do:()

The Ship.. The ship was my fav part.

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Riding bikes in Catalina

Me not Peddling!

Of course I had to run into a seal that was all by itself and dying. It broke my heart,

Dinner Time! Lobster & Crab! Yummm


Best authentic Mexican Tacos. Right from the street. Amazing but made me sick for days!

Mexican Coke is the best!

I love nothing more than the Ocean! I love it

I had such a hard time saying no to people. I felt like I needed to help everyone out!

My new drunk bum friend. He was so out of it he didn't even know what city he was in!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I survived, Now what???

I never imagined that I would make it to the day that I graduate? I'm extremely proud of myself and can honestly say that school is rough and that any person that has went to college I admire. Its crazy how the first few years of school i hated it! Now that I am graduating I want more? I dont know for sure that I want to keep going to school because I like it I just know that I am afraid of life! I have been extremely blessed the last six years with an amazing job abd being able to live at home. Now it is time that I need to grow up, move out , and get a real life teaching job! I am excited to start this new adventure but I am scared! I hope that I am ready........ For the last two months I have been student teaching at Mt. Ogden Junior High school. It was soooooooo hard! The HARDEST thing I have ever done! I admire anyone that is a teacher. People do not understant how hard it is to be a teacher. Well that is if you want to be a good one. Teachers don't just work 8 hour days. They easily work 12 plus! All I can say is that they deserve way more recognition for what they do and maybe more pay? The first month of student teaching I wanted to quit everyday. I felt like nobody listened and I couldn't really teach. After awhile I started building relationships with these students. I learned to truly care about them and I felt like they knew that. I love junior high kids. So many kids come from different backgrounds. These kids really have hard lives and I really felt that in some ways I made a difference. The last day of class I got many hand written notes and while reading them I understand why people teach. It is worth all the grading papers and kids talking back to you non-stop. I learned a lot about myself during this experince. I am now a professional multi-tasker! I really hope that those kids stay in school and graduate!!! Now it is time for job searching and summer!!!!!!!! wha hooo I love summer time:)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Going Back to Junior High School?

The new Year has begun and I am extremely nervous! I never thought I would see the day come when I was actually going to graduate. Well in a few months I will officially be a school teacher.. well I hope? I have been placed to teach at Mt. Ogden Junior High school. The teachers seem great! One Geography and one health. I am so nervous!!!!!!! I went into teaching this age group because I love people. I love teenagers especially junior high kids. They are full of drama and a little weird. I think that is why I like them because who is to say that I'm not a little weird and dramatic? I'm not so nervous about the connecting and being around them part. I am nervous about getting the respect I deserve. I had a great time in junior high. But I do remember struggling with self esteem and friends. I want to be able to make all kids feel like they are worth something and smart. I haven't been blessed with many physical talents like sports,dance, or singing. The talents that I have been given are from within and I hope that I can use them to connect well with students and help them to succeed. So here we go 2012! I can do this and I will finally say goodbye to Weber State soon! (Well for a least a little break). :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Breaking Dawn :)

The time has finally come! Breaking Dawn! As you can see my life is not that eventful I only blog during the boating months and when twilight comes out haha. Me and all my work friends from the greenery went and had a blast. Its so fun to just have one night to go in fantasy land. I loved the movie! This was my least favorite book out of all of them but I really did enjoy the movie. Whats not to love than all the kissing, jacob finally becoming happy, and bella becoming a vampire??? Finally!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Goodbye Summer....

All I can say is that this summer went by way fast!!! I love the heat and the sun and hate any type of cold or wet weather. Even though fall is beginning and summer is gone it is still exciting because that means my time at Weber State is almost done! This summer was great. I enjoyed some great trips like, Vegas, Bear Lake, Lake Blaine, and fishing! Here are some pictures.
This was my first time actually participating in fishing. Growing up I would go with my dad but never actually fished. It was OK... I liked being in the sun and relaxing but there is no way I could hurt a fish. NO waaaay.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Well hello again my long lost blog! I kinda feel like blogs are lame for me to have because I'm not a mom/wife. But it is now summertime and I have some extra time on my hands so I will try harder to blog and put up pictures of the great experiences and people in my life. Lately I have thought a lot about family. I am the youngest and I am still living at home. I am such a family person. I hate change and I miss the days of having my whole family being home together. We sure did have a lot of fun growing up. So i decided to do a blog post dedicated to my family. We are all so different in many ways! But at the same time have many of the same characterisitcs. In my family I have my Mother (Mary Ann) My father (Scott) My sister(29) Chelsey, her husband Mark. Her three boys, Bryant, Carter, and Garret. My brother Jordan (28) his former wife Jennie who I will always consider a part of the family, and their two boys, Tytan and Korver. Then I have my brother Jeremy(26), his wife Jenna, and their daughter Londyn. Then there is just me and dog Toby! I have a great family and am thankful to have them. I truly do know that families can be together forever.

I have truly been blessed with a great family..